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You can sign up for one of our tunnel events by filling out the information below.  A Rhythm team member will follow up by phone within a few days of receiving this form.
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Please select the date(s) you would like to join us: (*You don't have to attend all the days of a workshop to attend that workshop) *
*If you signed up for a workshop, please continue with the questions below.  If you signed up for a tunnel league event, you can skip to the bottom of this form and click the submit button.
Customize Your Workshop
A tunnel workshop is an excellent way to pack lots of flying into just a few days. We recommend 45-60 minutes of flying per day to maximize learning. Flight time is broken down to 15 minute sessions with full prep and video debrief of each session.

You don't need to have a team to learn 4-way! We can help group you with other participants of compatible skill.
Please choose which days you would like to attend for the workshop you selected
You don't have to attend every day of a workshop to join that workshop.  Usually, the number of days is driven by the amount of time you would like to fly and your travel constraints.
Let us know your travel details *
Please provide your flight info:  arrival time, departure time, and airport for the flight you plan to purchase.  Please confirm with us before buying your flight.  If you're driving, please let us know that, and tell us when you can arrive and how late you can stay the last day.  Note: We ask that all participants plan to arrive the evening before their first day flying and stay until 3pm on Sunday unless we discuss otherwise.  If you don't know your details yet, you can write, "Don't know yet" but please email us as soon as you know.
Fundamentals of Formation Skydiving: One-on-One Coaching
How much One-on-One time would you like to fly?
Choose from our 1-day, 2-day or 3-day work shops, or build your own schedule at $363 per 15 minute block
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Fourway / Eightway
Let us know the format you would like to join, and the amount of time you would like to fly
If you know you want to do fourway or eightway, but not sure how much or what format, please provide your preferred cost budget and amount of time
For instance: "I'd like to do one hour per day of fourway (2on2 or 3on1) and keep it to a total of $2,000 for the weekend."  If you know exactly what you want to do, you can skip this and answer the questions below.
How much fourway team time would you like to fly (hrs)?
This format is for four teammates with the coach outside ($375 per hour per person)
How much eightway time would you like to fly (hrs)?
Prices are $200 per hour per person for 8way teammates, $230 per hour per person for 7 students with one coach, $300 for 6 students with 2 coaches
How much 3on1 fourway would you like to fly (hrs)?
This format is for three students with one coach ($500 per hour per person)
How much 2on2 fourway would you like to fly (hrs)?
This format is for two students and two coaches ($850 per hour per person)
Group information
Please let us know if you are joining our camp alone or as part of a group.  If you have a fourway team or one or more friends who want to do 2on2 or 3on1, describe that here.  If you are an individual looking to be paired up with others, we're happy to help with that.  Please explain that as well.
Group Sign-up
If you are signing up multiple members of a group, please provide your partners' information below:
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Teammate 8 Name
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Teammate 8 Phone Number
Teammate 8 T-Shirt Size
How did you find out about our tunnel workshops?
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If a friend referred you, please let us know who we can thank
If this is your first time with us, please summarize your past flying experience
How many jumps, how much tunnel, how much coaching you've had in the past, and what's your fourway experience.
Anything else you'd like us to know?
If there is information you would like to share not covered already, please enter it below
If this is the first time you're joining us, please send us a link to some recent video of your flying
If there is more than one person in the video, please let us know which one is you!
Extras:  If you'd like any of these goodies added to your bill, please select them here:
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