CSR 2024 Fall Semester Registration 罗城中华语言学校2024秋季学期注册
2024 Fall SEMESTER

2024 Fall semester registration is open now. Classes will start on September 7th at the Twelve Corners Middle School.

2024 年季学期课程将于 9 月 7 日在 Twelve Corners Middle School 开课,现在开始注册了。


Early bird registration for current student closes on June 23! This helps us organize classes earlier. Late registration will incur a penalty of $10.

在校学生提前注册的截止日期为 2024 年 6 月 23 日。6 月 23 日之后注册的学生将被收取 $10 的滞纳金。


For 2024 Fall semester, the tuition for the language and culture classes is $160 and the tuition for the elective classes is $60 (except $0 tuition for Chinese Dance Class and Chinese Youth Orchestra class; donation appreciated). An additional $40 parent duty fee will be paid along with the tuition, per class except for High School/Adult Classes. The $40 parent duty fee will be fully refunded after the parent fulfills the assigned school duties.

Final payments are due on the first day of classes, September 7th.

2024秋季学期的语言课学费为$160, 选修课每门课学费为$60 (中国舞蹈班和中国音乐小乐队不收学费,建议自愿捐赠)。每门课除高中和成人班课外,另预收$40家长值班费。家长完成值班后,所付$40将如数返还。您可以通过QuickPay (Zelle)直接网上支付,邮寄支票,或开学第一天交付支票。请一定要在𝐌𝐞𝐦𝐨部分写上学生的姓名。


This form is to register one student per submission. 

If you'd like to register multiple students, please fill out the form once per student at https://www.csrochester.org/account/registration.

此表格每次提交可注册一名学生。如果您想注册多名学生,请每位学生在 https://www.csrochester.org/account/registration 填写一次此表格


For more information about the courses we offer, please see https://www.csrochester.org/courses

有关我们提供的课程的更多信息,请参阅 https://www.csrochester.org/courses

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