Patriot Soccer Club 2020 Planning
PSC board of directors would love player and parent input as we plan for our 2020-21 season. The goal of Patriot Soccer Club is to provide a competitive soccer program for the youth of Gray and New Gloucester and prepare them to play at the High School level.
What age / gender did your player ( you) participate in the fall of 2019 ? *
Were you satisfied with communication between your self ( parents) and your coach or team admin ?
Not satisfied
Very satisfied
Did your coach and or team admin use the Sports Engine APP for scheduling and messaging ?
Were you happy with the communication between yourself and the Board of Directors ? Anything you felt was missing ?
Your answer
Did your coach come to games and practices prepared ?
Did your player leave games and practices with a positive attitude ? For example, they had fun and excited for the next event.
Was there anything your coach could have addressed better with their PLAYERS ? For example, expectation of play time, rotating player positions, etc.
Your answer
Was there anything your coach could have addressed better with the PARENTS ? For example, arrival time to events, directions to events, sideline behavior, play time, etc.
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Hosting a successful tournament requires an enormous amount of volunteer time. The more teams we host, the more fundraising dollars the club brings in. Would you be willing to volunteer 3 hours over Crossroads Weekend if we decreased the cost of fall player registration ?
What volunteer roles would you be willing to sign up for in 2020 ? please check all that apply
Please use this space to add any comments or questions you may have, we welcome all feedback.
Your answer
Where you a coach, assistant coach or team admin ?
Were you satisfied with the communication from the board ? questions answered promptly, help given when asked etc.
How could the BOD help you be more successful in your volunteer role ? for example, provide better equipment, more training, etc.
Your answer
Did you use the Sports Engine App for scheduling and messaging ?
Did ( most of ) your families communicate with you regarding player availability ? For example, letting you know they will not be at practice or a game ?
Is there anything the board could do to help with communication between you and your players / families ? Is the expectation well communicated that players attend all events, arrive on time and in appropriate clothing ?
Your answer
Are you willing to attend coaches training sessions in Late July or early August ? Please say Yes or No below and address anything you would like discussed at this meeting.
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Do you plan to coach or act as a team admin next season ?
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