Rodington Parish Survey
Rodington Parish Council is the most local level of government in your area and was formed in 1978 to survey the villages of Rodington and Longdon-upon-Tern. The Council is made up of seven Councillors and one member of staff who meet monthly (except August) at alternative Village Halls in the Parish. The Council is responsible for the maintenance of the Rodington Cemetery, Rodington Play Area and Ball Court. The Parish Council is also there to report any issues locally that are causing concern to the Parish such as potholes, dangerous trees, road signage, and public safety. As a Council we also work throughout the year to improve the area through a variety of projects such as the Parish Plan we are embarking on, creating a new entrance and water tank at the cemetery.
We are very keen to work closer with our community. We have produced this survey to feed into our Parish Plan, a document that will help guide us in the future and help us make the right decisions on your behalf while delivering value for money.
We have now brought back the Parish newsletter that will go to all households in the area, but we would really appreciate your help to keep costs of printing down to enable us to put that money to other projects so if you could leave your email address we will add you to our mailing list;
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Data Protection Notice: We will not share your email address with any third parties and your details will be kept securely on the Parish Councils PC only. You have the right to request the deletion of your details at any time. We will only use your email address to contact you with our quarterly newsletter and details of any future events in the Parish By leaving your email address in the above box you agree to these conditions.
Employment & Education Section
How many in your family?
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Do you work/study from home?
Do the broadband or telecommunications in the area cause issues to your employment/education?
Is there anything else that hampers your ability to work/study in the area?
Your answer
Communications Section
How many people live in your household?
Your answer
What age ranges do they fall into?
Do you or any of your household have any conditions that affect your daily living eg disabilities, long-term health condition, mobility issues?
Brief details, if you wish to give that information
Your answer
Do you/did you have a job or profession that might be useful to the Parish in the case of an emergency? (Please enter details below)
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Do you ever look at:
Have you ever received a Parish Council Newsletter
Was this: by e-mail or hard copy
Do you know who any of your Parish Councillors are?
Are there other ways you would like the Parish Council to communicate with you, eg:
Would you be prepared to get involved in a Parish Council steering group/project group in the future?
If Yes, what is your particular topic of interest?
Your answer
Local Facilities Section
Are there any facilities or services that are lacking in this Parish?
If Yes, please state what you think these might be below
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Do you use or attend your local village hall?
If yes which one?
Are there any improvements that could be made to the village halls, the cemetery or any other part of the Parish?
Please leave your suggestions here...
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Are the needs of children and young people met in this Parish
If No, please state what you think these might be below
Your answer
Are the needs of older people met in this
If No, please state what you think these might be below
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Do you regularly experience poor mobile phone signal in your area?
If so, would you want this to be improved?
Traffic & Transport Section
Does anyone in your household use public transport?
How would you rate the following questions about bus survives in our Parish?
Timetable information
If you do use bus services, how often?
Can you name any streets/areas where speed limitations are ignored by users?
Your answer
The Parish Council is considering purchasing Speed Indication Devices (SID’s) one for Longdon and one for Rodington. Do you feel this would help reduce speeding in the Villages?
In future the Council may consider a volunteer scheme where we use Speed Indication Guns which record the speed of passing vehicles. Do you feel this would help reduce speeding in the Villages?
Would you consider being a volunteer if this scheme was set up?
Do you have any comments or suggestions to the Council to either improve issues for traffic and transport in the Parish?
Your answer
Environment Section
Do you consider your village to be safe?
If not, why not?
Your answer
Do you consider your village clean?
Do you consider your village pleasant?
Do we need to do more about litter?
Do we need to plant flowers and bulbs to make it more attractive?
In what other ways could it be improved?
Your answer
Are the salt and grit bins adequately stocked and correctly sited?
Do you know where the rights of way are?
Are they adequately signposted?
Do you think we need to restore them for walkers and visitors?
Do you use them?
Planning Section
Telford & Wrekin housing strategy until 2031 states that no major housing would be considered in the parish of Rodington. Would you therefore agree to development by means of infill and utilising brownfield areas as long as this does not exceed current village parameters?
Please leave further detail if you wish
Your answer
Would you also agree to conversions of redundant buildings?
Please leave further detail if you wish
Your answer
Thank you for taking part in this survey
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