Sparta NJ Renaissance Festival Pet Registration Form
Pets will be allowed on the Sparta NJ Renaissance Festival campgrounds only if the following conditions are met and the following form is filled out in its entirety.


- Pets must be registered and approved by the Sparta NJ Renaissance Festival prior to arrival on site.

- All necessary health and legal requirements must be met, such as proper identification on the pet, and current on the rabies vaccination.  

- All service/guide animals are to be identifiable via vest or other obvious means. We understand the importance of service/guide animals to remain unhindered while working. Should you require assistance, please alert a staff member.

- All owners/caretakers must provide their own means to pick up their animal's waste and keep the grounds free of feces. All waste must be disposed of in a proper trash container. Even wooded areas off of paths must be cleaned.

- Owners/caretakers should take appropriate measures to ensure the health and safety of their pet including but not limited to, carrying adequate water and providing their own bowls.

- Pets must be calm, good natured, and have received appropriate training to obey common handler commands such as "sit", "stay", and "down", and will obey commands to cease barking when it occurs. The safety and enjoyment of all of our patrons is our highest priority, and it is essential that pets on site do not interrupt active shows or act aggressively towards patrons or other animals.

- The Sparta NJ Renaissance Festival reserves the right to have a pet removed from the premises in the event that the above conditions are not met, or the animal is perceived to pose a threat or unreasonable inconvenience for other patrons. Any pet removed from the grounds and left unattended in a vehicle will be immediately reported to the onsite Sparta police officers.
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By submitting this form I understand that my pet(s) must have their current rabies vaccine and that I understand and agree to the terms of the Sparta New Jersey Renaissance Festival onsite pet policy. *
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