Regional Food Hub: Assessing the level of need and interest
The ongoing pandemic is causing much revisioning and strategizing to strengthen the food system, both nationally, as well as locally. In light of this, a central topic of community discussion has been the creation of a regional food hub that covers Humboldt and Del Norte Counties.

Food hubs are organizations or businesses that connect wholesalers, retail businesses and institutions (e.g. restaurant owners, value-added food producers) to local and regional food producers through services such as management and coordination of product aggregation, distribution, product storage, packing/co-packing, bulk purchasing and marketing services.

This survey is intended to assess your current need/interest in the types of uses and benefits an organization such as a food hub may be able to provide for your business.

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Below are questions to help us find ways a Regional Food Hub could support your needs.
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Restaurants, Grocers, & Stores
Below are questions to help us find ways a Regional Food Hub could support your needs.
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