Kyudo Intensive 2017 with Kanjuro Shibata XXI Sensei
We're pleased to once again present a Kyudo Intensive with Shibata Sensei this year at Bodhi Manda Zen Center in New Mexico. The program will include sitting meditation,work practice, lots of kyudo practice, evening talks and discussions.There will be opportunities for question and answer sessions and individual instruction. After a long day, the hot springs are available for relaxation.

WHEN: Wednesday, September 27-October 1 2017
WHERE: Bodhi Manda Zen Center, 1 Bodhi Drive, Jemez Springs, NM 87025

Also, if you are interested in ordering yumi from Sensei, please do that as soon as possible.
Contact him at , cc:

-What strength yumi you are using now
-What strength and length of yumi you want
-Any special options for your yumi
-How long you have been practicing
-Your kake size
-Your ya length (measured from the center of your throat to the tip of the middle finger of your outstretched left hand plus 5cm.
-Your height
-A head shot photograph (if he has not met you)optional


- $25 early registration discount by August 7
- $100 deposit required by August 7
- Cancellations before August 7 will be refunded 100%
- Cancellations by August 26 ­will be refunded 50%.
- No refund nor further registration allowed after September 16
- After selecting your room option, please submit payment! YOU WILL NOT BE REGISTERED TILL YOU DO

You will receive registration confirmation and additional information once payment has been received.
Questions? Contact Lucy Halverson at

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