Trans Aid Cymru complaints form (external)
This form provides a structure for complaints brought against members or volunteers involved with Trans Ad Cymru by people who are not involved in the administration, delivery, or running of Trans Aid Cymru. If you are not external to the organisation, please use the Internal Complaints Form [].
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What are you name and pronouns?
Please provide a valid email address so that we can respond to your complaint or contact you for further details if necessary. (If you don't have an email account you can use, please leave a direct link to a twitter or instagram account where we can contact you. Failure to supply a means of contact may mean we are unable to address your complaint)
Please tick from the following whichever option best applies to your complaint:
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Please elaborate on our response to the above questions if necessary:
What involvement do you have with Trans Aid Cymru?
Please tell us the name of the person or people who are the subject of your complaint:
What position does this person (or people) hold in Trans Aid Cymru?
Please describe the behaviour or action that is the reason for you complaint or concern:
Please tick all of the following which apply to the behaviour or action that is the reason for your complaint:
Please elaborate on your answers above, or describe the impact you feel this behaviour or action had:
If you can, please detail any company procedure or policy that you feel this action or behaviour violated. Copies of company policy and procedures can be found on our website (
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