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Hello there! Thank you for interest in allowing Gathered Creative Co. to make your special event special and truly memorable. Our work is largely customized and tailor-fit to our celebrants' requests so we appreciate the time you are taking to fill this form out to the best of your ability. We will surely have follow up questions for you and us so don't worry if not everything is covered!

This form generates an automatic email to our team. Due to the influx of inquiries, please give us 3-5 days to get back to you. Thank you so much and we look forward to speaking with you!

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Please upload your pegs or pictures of your general style direction. This will help us develop a proposal that is aligned with your vision. Don't you worry, it doesn't have to be super organised or pretty, that's our job! If you find any of our past executions from Instagram or Facebook as your style inspo, let us know by uploading a screenshot!
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Alright, great! Now let's get to the BUDGET
Hey, we understand that every celebration has a working budget so don't worry about it too much, just be honest! We do hope though that the budget you indicate and the style inspiration you have attached are somehow aligned. But *again* don't worry because we will make sure we come up with a plan that aligns both!
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Some funny but real guides
Hey! Thank you so much for making the time to really fill out our Celebration Form. This document really helps us make sure we incorporate all your initial instructions in our proposal.
STEP 2. Please expect a call within 48-72 hours upon submitting this inquiry form. The call will basically notify you that we have received your Celebration Form and if we have any clarifications, we hope to address it during the call.

STEP 3. We will work on our custom proposal for the next 3-5 days and we should be able to schedule a client meeting to discuss our proposal within 2 weeks from submitting this Celebration Form. Please understand that all our proposals are customised so we need ample time to coordinate the estimates with other suppliers, if any. :)

Should you have any concerns, please feel free to reach out to friends@gatheredcreative.co or message us on FB!


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