May Okita first album "Art of Life" CD Ordering form (CDご注文フォーム)
Thank you for your order! Please fill out this form to order May Okita's first album, "Art of Life."
Then we'll write to you about the price (It will be about 3000JPY), shipping fee, and more details soon! And the CD will be shipped in late January 2019. Thanks for your patience!!

If you would like to get an autograph from May Okita, please write your name the way you’d like it to appear on your CD.

If you are not a resident of Japan and do not need a booklet written in Japanese, you may find it easier and more inexpensive to order from If, however, you would like a Japanese booklet along with the CD, that package is only available directly from May Okita and her website.

International shipping:
Note that shipping fees for every orders are an additional 2,000 JPY. If you are purchasing more than 2 CDs, please write to us in advance and we'll tell you about the costs. We use EMS for international shipping because it has a tracking service.

Domestic shipping in Japan:
For 1 or 2 CDs, shipping is free of charge. For orders of more than 3 CDs, shipping is 200 JPY, with an additional 200 JPY for every two CDs added.

If you have any questions or special requests, please contact us through the Contact section of the website at

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Please write more details if you have any special requests (e.g. ordering more than 2 CDs, about the additional cost for extra CDs. and so on).
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メイにサインと一緒にあなたのお名前を記載して欲しい方はご希望の通りにご入力ください。(e.g. Dear ◯◯◯ / □□□さんへ、等)
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THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! 有難うございます!!!!!
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