MCGamer Youtube VIP Application
Welcome to the MCGamer Youtube VIP Application Form
This site is dedicated to applying for the VIP rank within the MCGamer community. This application is dedicated for users with popular Youtube channels with which they host MCGamer-related content. If you are applying for VIP for another reason, such as map-making or graphic design, please contact a member of the MCGamer staff for proper instructions.
Perks of being a VIP
- Priority joining for all MCGamer servers. You will be able to join full servers, with lesser-ranked players being kicked to make room for you.

- A special purple name ingame to stand out from the crowd.

- An accompanying purple rank on our forums to look fabulous as you post. This will also grant access to Premium-only forum section as well.

- Weighted Voting in-game. Your vote counts for 3 instead of 1.

- Access to "/disguise". In order to prevent targeting, this command will temporarily change your name, rank, and skin in order to hide your identity. To revert this, do "/undisguise".

- Access to "/scramble". In order to prevent targetting, this command will temporarily assign you a lower number of points in order to hide your number of points. To revert this, do "/unscramble".

- Fly in the hub with "/fly"

- The ability to use a few chat color codes. Change the color of your chat text with "&a", "&c", and others.

- Wardrobes!

- Pets (Currently Beta)!

- Exclusive invitations to certain MCGamer games and events.
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