Application for Content Creators
Make sure to read everything on this page carefully. Otherwise, you may miss something important.

Note: Basic Requirements needed before you submit this application: [Age 15+]
Youtubers- 300+ subscribers, and 100+ views on each video.
Live-Streamers- 50 Followers, 10 viewers per stream.
#1 What is your age and which server are you applying for? *
Galactic Prison or Free Build
#2 What is your minecraft username? *
#3 What is your Youtube/Twitch Account URL? *
#4 What is your timezone? *
#5 What is the resolution and frame rate you record in? *
#6 What are your computer specs? *
#7 How often do you post? *
#8 Did you sign up on our forums yet? *
All applicants are required to sign up at:
#9 How many views do you get and how many Subscribers/Followers do you have? *
#10 What is your email so we can contact you? *
It is important to have an email or you can't become a Youtuber.
By checking "I Agree", You are saying that everything in this application is 100% true. *
If everything is not true, then do not bother with this application. (I am warning you!). Also, do not expect to get Youtuber right away.
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