MCKids Academy Homeschool Online 2020 Fall/Winter
Welcome to MCKids Academy Online and our twice weekly Homeschool in Minecraft program. Please provide us with a few more details to register your child. Your payment must be made via e-transfer to to secure your spot.

Our online sessions require access to our Discord servers for communications and that your child have access to a PC/MAC and the full version of our game in JAVA Edition (not Bedrock Edition for lesser devices). The link to join our Discord will be at the end of this form. Please use your child's in-game username when prompted to set-up an avatar.

There will be a link at the end of this form for you and your child to review our Code of Conduct for play in our virtual worlds together. It is important that your child understand that our private community is a safe and constructive place for ongoing learning and play. As long as children ’Stick to the Code’ they can stay and play with us outside of class time.
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