Laser Cutter Request
The Collaboratory is resuming limited laser cutter service. There are two parts to submitting a request: fill out this form and then email your image/file to

Current laser guidelines:
• Jobs will only be run on 12x12 or 6x12 craft plywood offered by the library. Outside materials cannot be accepted at this time.
• You may request a total of 3 separate jobs at a time. Each job needs its own form.
• You may request up to 10 total copies of a single job.
• Acceptable file types are CDR, AI, SVG, JPG, PNG, PSD, DOCX (for text).
• There are no guaranteed completion dates, but staff will work to keep the turnaround time low.
• Completed jobs may be picked up at the Information Desk or through Park ‘n Pickup. Payment is accepted through the website or with cash if picking up at the Information Desk. (Staff will follow up with details after your job is completed).

Please fill out the form with as much detail as possible. Collaboratory computers are available by appointment for you to use and create your files. Unfortunately, at this time, staff is not available to assist you with the Collaboratory computers.
Does your project need to be: *
Which size plywood would you like to use? *
Once your request has been confirmed, Collaboratory staff will be in touch with your total and payment options.
What size would you like your image/file on the craft plywood? *
Example: 8x8 image on a 12x12 piece of plywood.
What position would you like your image/file on the craft plywood? *
Example: Image centered horizontally and 2" down on a 12x12 piece of plywood.
How many copies of your job do you need? *
If your request has text, please list your font name
Staff may be able to make minor adjustments to your file. Please list any adjustments below:
Ex: "add text in font X under the image." Please note that staff cannot accommodate large changes or create your full design for you. You may use a Collaboratory computer to create your cdr or ai file.
Your name *
Phone number *
E-mail *
Preferred contact method *
Please email your image or project file(s) to Once staff has your file and this form we will evaluate the request. Due to limited services, it may be a few business days before you hear back. *
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