As you are aware, the PTA is responsible for so much of what goes on at Hillside. We have great activities like Boogie Bash & Field Day, we provide financial support Science Day and the play and stipends for every teacher and we work closely with the administrators, students and teachers to make each school year at Hillside the very best it can be. Next year is a FIREBALL year, which means we will have a big benefit to raise community and funds for the school. Identifying community goals and providing focus for this project is instrumental for Hillside.

Please feel free to nominate yourself or another person you may think is a great fit for the job!

Exec Board positions available include:
President - This person serves as general organizer in chief, working closely with the administrators, board and committees, and also represents Montclair on the PTA Council.
Vice President - This person or persons focus on events, membership, strategy and communication.
Secretary - This person or persons focuses on communication for the board as well as recording the minutes.

Additionally, some of our biggest committees are listed on this form as well.

Thanks for helping out Hillside!

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I'm interested in the following exec board position(s) Please note with enough interest we will have at least two VPs and two Secretaries and we could have two Presidents as well.
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