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Please send BNB to this address.

1BNB=20000 CMP



 MAX     20BNB
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Champagn Swap!!!!!  We're planning to collaborate with major gaming companies! To start off,  we're planning to partnership with a popular dating sim gaming company. You'll be able to buy and sell many NFT items (e.g. brand products, bouquets, accessories, etc.)!You can make profits by exchanging the experience points (HP → Heart Points ♡) earned within the game for champagne tokens on DEX.  Furthermore, speaking of games, we are also planning to partner and develop in role-playing games.As an evolved version of a certain NFT game that is quite popular right now, you can buy and sell many NFT characters and NFT items here as well.You can make profits by exchanging experience points (BGP → Battle Get Points) earned within the game for champagne tokens on DEX.It's still a long way off, but we're also thinking about puzzle games with NFT, and also upgrading the auction function and other features.What is needed there is DEX, which will be deployed before anything else.The game will be developed in the BSC chain and will be expanded to various chains.It will probably be the world's first new DEX that is linked to NFT games!It goes without saying that, we are aiming to list this champagne token on the large exchanges, we will market it in a proper way to make it more profitable.
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