Interdisciplinary Graduate Writing Groups

The MSU Writing Center will again be offering cross-disciplinary graduate writing groups spring semester 2018.

In a writing group, you will find that you deepen and advance your own writing experience. You have an immediate audience of peers for testing your ideas and writing, and you have access to others’ processes and revisions, which may inform your own. Cross-disciplinary writing groups offer the additional benefit of allowing you to hear how researchers outside of your field respond to your writing. Finally, writing groups offer accountability in the writing process by establishing deadlines that will help you move your writing forward.

A Writing Center facilitator will participate to help guide the discussion, but the sessions ultimately revolve around the needs of the group members.

If you are a current MSU graduate student who is interested and available to attend writing group meetings during the spring semester of 2018, please share your contact, preference and scheduling information via this Google form. We will contact you with more information, dates, and times.

We look forward to working with you!
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