Closing the Gap - eDiscovery Salary Survey
Fifty-six years after the Equal Pay Act of 1963, women still earn about 80% of the amount paid to men. Secrecy around pay helps to perpetuate inequality - we all have a responsibility to bring transparency to market rates, particularly in eDiscovery. Through an anonymous survey, we are asking colleagues, both women and men, to divulge information on compensation. The results will be collected and posted on the Women in eDiscovery website for everyone to view in October.

Please participate and support this initiative around equal pay in the workplace. Reducing the gap helps in the hiring, promotion and retention of women, and in turn, promotes a diverse talent pool and organization. Share with your colleagues in the office, on social media, and industry events. The more data collected, from both women and men, the closer we get to closing the gap.

Please complete by Friday, September 27. All responses are anonymous.
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