“Paradise Found” - Audience Survey
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1. What was your reaction to the movie overall?
2. Would you recommend this movie to your friends?
3. What would you tell your friends about this movie? Not just whether you liked it or not, but how would you describe it to them?
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4. What section(s) of the film did you enjoy the most? Why?
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5. What section(s) did you find the weakest? Why?
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6. How would rate each of the following elements of the movie?
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The beginning
The story
The flow
The characters
The music
The credits
7. What are your feelings about the way that the movie ended?
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8. What, if anything, did you find confusing about the movie that was not cleared up by the end?
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9. Did any aspect of the film offend you?
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10. Did you find any aspect of the film hopeful, inspiring or uplifting?
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11. How would you describe the length of the movie?
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12. How would you describe the overall pace of the movie?
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13. If the movie felt like it moved too slowly – what parts felt slow to you? Conversely, if the movie moved too quickly in places, where?
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14. What genre would you describe this film as?
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15. What movies would you consider similar to this one?
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16. How could the film be improved?
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19. Any last words?
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