Diversity Fund: Tuition Support Family Application
Tuition Support: The Diversity Fund accepts applications from current families who enhance diversity at EBI either through their identity or their committed work to this core value, and who are facing financial barriers to continued enrollment despite, in most cases, having already applied for an adjusted tuition through EBI’s Tuition Adjustment Program. The Diversity Fund could potentially provide a one-time award to mitigate the family’s financial barriers. While families are welcome to apply for awards in subsequent years, the fund does not commit to support for more than a year. In other words, it is a “fix” for a tuition gap for that one year only.


1) Upload (see last section of this application) a digital copy of the Parent Financial Statement (PFS) from the SSS system per our web site's Tuition Adjustment program or you can access the School and Students Services (SSS) site directly to locate your PFS forms.

2) A digital copy of the Adjusted Tuition award letter for the 2019-2020 school year (this is available in your FAM file)

NOTE: If you have not applied for Tuition Adjustment, please disregard this request and submit this application ONLY.

Any questions regarding the Diversity Fund's application process, please contact Karen Velásquez, Director of
Equity and Inclusion at kvelasquez@ebinternacional.org

Family Information
Did you apply for the Diversity Fund's Tuition Support last year? *
How did you hear about the Diversity Fund? *
Name/s of each parent or guardian, e-mail addresses, and telephone number(s): *
Please indicate parent or guardian/s professions/industry/other *
Name(s) of Student(s) at EBI. Specify grade level for each student listed: *
Please indicate name of sibling/s NOT enrolled at EBI and their age. *
How long has your family been part of EBI? *
Have you applied for Tuition Adjustment at EBI for the next school year? If yes, please specify amount awarded, per child ( specify student's name/s next to each amount ) *
Do you have any unpaid tuition for the current school year? If yes, please specify amount. *
Application Questions
Tell us about your family story, and about how your family enhances or enriches EBI on its commitment to Multiculturalism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: *
Tell us about why your family needs this support and about what your specific financial needs are at this time ( Please specify the desired dollar amount of DF tuition support needed, per child ). *
Tell us about the multicultural activities in which you currently participate at EBI: *
What could you propose to do to enhance EBI’s diversity outreach and making the multicultural component of the school ever more successful? *
Please specify your availability to schedule a video and/or audio conference interview with you in the next few weeks. Please provide days/times for a period of two weeks. We normally do not schedule interviews when EBI is not in session. *
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