Entry form European Junior Open 2019 (Super Series Squash Tournament)
Please fill in this form until June 1st 2019 latest!

!!! Attention: If you need a visa, please arrange it before the 24th of May !!!

Organizer: Squash Federation of North Rhine Westphalia (SLV NRW)
Tournament Director: Udo Thäsler

Event Address: Neubrücker Ring 48, 51109 Köln (Cologne), Germany
Contact us at: europeanJO@t-online.de

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Manual to fill this form - (in the next sections you can add coaches/responsible persons (maximum 10) and players (maximum 30))
1) Please add the coaches (/responsible persons) first
2) At the end of each section you will have the possibility to add one more coach/player or go to the end
3) You can come back and edit the form you have created until the deadline (May 24th)
4) You can only fill one form per email address, if you would like to register more than 10 players please fill an extra form with an additional e-mail address
5) You have to enter valid data in all fields, especially personal data like date of birth, gender and ESID (European Squash ID)
6) If you don't have an ESID you have acquire one and register with ESF (including all players, coaches, officials etc.). Registrations without a valid ESID won't be accepted.
7) You will receive an email confirmation after submitting this data. The confirmation will include all data you have added. Please read through and check carefully
8) With the submission of this form you confirm to have read and comply with the rules highlighted in the inivitation. You confirm to accept and comply with the ESF regulations
9) Important: Each player has to be registered through tournamentsoftware additionally to be able to enter the tournament
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