Registration for EDIBO bootcamp #3
EDIBO (European Digital Bootcamps) - is a 3 years duration European project that promotes youth training and employment, financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.

In order to promote social Inclusion, youth employment and poverty reduction in Lithuania, Integration Centre together with Turing School will provide 12 weeks long, free IT courses for people who are not working nor studying at the moment and have less opportunities than others.

Participants should have motivation to start work in IT, since one of the projects aim is to help participants start work in the IT sector.

EDIBO bootcamp #3
• Age: 25-30 years old
• NEET status (Not in Education, Employment, or Training)*
• Number of participants: 25**
• Duration: 12 weeks
• Course: Introduction to programming and web development
• Start: Beginning of September 2020
• Place: Online

*The ones who belong to the NEET group (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) will be selected. Also, priority will be given to ones who are highly motivated but with less opportunities.
**Places are limited, thus there is a selection process.

The registration form will be open till the August 19th 00:00. We will inform selected students.

More about EDIBO:
More about Turing School:

Note: By submitting your personal data you agree the data to be shared with and administrated by "Integracijos Centras" and "Turing School" for the courses and other opportunities matters.
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This programming course will take place on workdays from 9am to 13pm in Vilnius. Duration of the course is ~12 weeks. Depending on the further requests, courses could take place on weekends too.The live attendance is more than important.
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For example, you are from low-income family, you live in the rural areas or you feel that your gender might be an obstacle to complete tasks in your life.
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