Annual NMEA Conference
Jacques Cousteau Memorial NMEA Conference Travel Award is one award up to $500.00 that is given each year for travel assistance to NMEA conference. This award is given by the South Carolina Marine Educators Association. Applicants must be a current SCMEA member, and must not have been awarded a scholarship for the last three NMEA Annual Conferences. The award winner must initially pay for conference expenses and will be reimbursed after receipts and proof of attendance is submitted to the SCMEA treasurer. The winner is also required to write an article and submit pictures for the SCMEA newsletter.
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Statement of responsibility for Jacques Cousteau Memorial NMEA Travel Award: I am very interested in attending the NMEA Conference and will attend the majority of the sessions and events at the national conference. I agree to submit a copy of my registration receipt and proof of attendance. I understand that my receipt of the award is dependent upon my submittal of the proof of my attendance. I also agree to write an article for the SCMEA newsletter and/or make a presentation at the next SCMEA conference describing my experiences and sharing information acquired at the NMEA conference within a year of receiving the award.
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Applications are due April 7th. Late applications will not be considered. This honor will be awarded solely on the information given on this form. Additional material will not be considered. *
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