FIT Final Evaluation
Thank you so much for all of your daily feedback. Now that FIT is coming to a close we would like to learn a little more.
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What year did you attend FIT?
Overall, what did you like best and why?
Overall, what did you like the least and why?
Did you feel prepared when you began writing your curriculum unit or project planning on Friday?
You have been offered a $200 stipend to complete and submit a brief report of the implementation of your curriculum unit. Is $200 sufficient incentive. Please select one.
If you said ‘No” or “Don’t know”, what amount would be appropriate?
How were the accommodations and food?
What was the highlight?
Did you receive professional development support funds to attend? Please check all that apply.
If you did receive professional development support, how much was received?
FIT charges a $25 application fee. If a portion of total actual participant costs were passed on to you, would you be willing to pay (Please check one)
Please provide additional comments, if you wish.
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