RISE Journey 2: Call for Applications
Supporting social entrepreneurship ideas and development of young people from Western Balkans

For more information click here: https://arno.org.mk/mk/vesti/rise-journey2/
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 Name of your team or title of your initiative / idea (RISE Venture): *
Name and surname of the contact person/team leader: *
Gender: *
Place of living: *
Email address of the team leader: *
Telephone number: *
How many team members are in the team? Please also write their gender *
Please write the date of birth of all team members (Team leader= ....Member 1=.... Member 2=....) *
Share here the short biographies of the leader and the team members (you can can copy/paste the entire text) *
Occupation/ What do you do in your life at the moment (students? employed? jobless? freelancers) Tell us about all your team members *
 LinkedIn/Facebook/Instagram/TikTok profiles of all team members (we want to see you :)) *
Tell us more about yourself and your team! What is your background? How did you meet? Have you worked together before? What makes you believe that you will succeed? What makes you a good team? Tell the story about who you are :) *
Have you had previous experience working with similar incubation programs on idea development?  If yes, please tell us about it. How much have you learned? In how many of this type of initiatives have you taken part in ? *
How often are you available to commit (as a team!) to the RISE Journey on a weekly basis? (be honest!) *
This is a completely new idea, right? You haven't worked on it in any program, received grant/award, mentorship support? Please tell us honestly in which stage of development it is.
 Tell us about your idea and/or the challenge you want to address (short answer) *
 How did you come up with this idea / identified the challenge? Which problem you would like to solve? Why? *
Who or what is this idea going to help? *
Why is this topic important to you? *
Do you already have a plan on how to implement your idea? If yes, please explain (If not-don't worry RISE ideation phase is designed to help you). *
Do you see your idea as innovative to your community? If yes, how so? *
Do you have any plan on how to make money with your idea? If you don't- don't worry RISE ideation is designed to help you with this :) *
Additional information (if you have anything else to share with us which will help us to get to know you better, please share here) *
How did you hear about RISE? *
Why do you want to join RISE? What are your expectations? *
Have you ever received training/mentoring/coaching or financial support from any other program for the same idea? If yes, please indicate the program. Be honest! *
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