Re-enrollment Contract Form
* Please fill one contract per family.

Please read and fill out the following information. You will be directed to submit the contract at the bottom in order to guarantee your student's place for the 2018/19 academic year.

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School Policies and Code of Conduct
Please make sure to read the policy documents and Handbook thoroughly

* Child Protection at Lincoln:

* Security Protocols and ID Badges:

* ES Student-Parent Handbook:-

* MS Student-Parent Handbook:-

* HS Student Parent Handbook:-

*Technology at LCS - Parent/Student Responsible Use Agreement

1.Publication of Contact Information: Use of Student Images and Name; Publication of Student Work

a) Unless permission is specifically revoked in writing, we agree that LCS shall have the right to use the student’s image, in any kind of published medium, whether digital or print, where such use is for the purpose of promoting and sharing the educational experiences at both within the LCS community or externally to a wider audience.

b) Unless permission is specifically revoked in writing, we agree that LCS shall have the right to publish, post, display, and otherwise disseminate the student’s work within the LCS community for the benefit of fellow LCS students, in support of the educational experience at LCS.

2.Payment of Fees:

a) A non-refundable and non-transferable reservation fee of $500.00 USD will be required of all parents for each continuing student in order to reserve a place for the next academic year. Payment must be received by March 1st 2018 in the Business Office. This amount is a part of annual tuition fee and will be credited to your account (Organizations who sponsor families will be billed directly by the Business Office for reservation fees)

b) A signed Re-enrollment Contract, without a reservation fee paid, will not be considered valid after March 2nd 2018. Seats will only be held for students when reservation fee is paid and Re-enrollment Contract is submitted.

c) Students who have paid tuition and reservation fee but fail to attend the first 10 days of school in the next 2018/2019 academic year without a formal withdrawal notice to the school will be placed in a wait pool for their grade.

d) Tuition fees are payable on a semester basis, according to the fees applicable to each grade. Tuition Fees are due as follows:

•First semester: Due on or before June 1

•Second semester: Due on or before October 1.

3. Emergency Medical Treatment: If, in the opinion of a licensed and practicing physician, our child needs emergency medical or surgical services that require parental authorization, and we are not available for such, we hereby authorize LCS to act as my agent for this service. We release LCS from all liability that might arise from giving this authorization. We agree that we will bear responsibility for any costs related to such treatment, either through the provision of appropriate and adequate medical insurance coverage, or personally.

Stipulation and Signature: We stipulate that the information provided in this agreement has been provided without omission or falsification. We further acknowledge that our electronic signature on this document carries the same weight and authenticity as a written signature.

By signing below you have read and agreed to terms of these conditions.

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