Parents day Nanobiology 02/04/2016
Ouderdag Nanobiologie/ Parents day Nanobiology 02/04/16
What is the name of your son/daughter?
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And your email adress?
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How many people are coming (including your son/daughter studying Nanobiology)
Do you have any allergies?
If so, please mention what type of allergy you have and what you can't eat.
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Where are you travelling from?
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Have you already paid the fee?
Payment Details
If you have not yet been able to make a transaction for the parents day fee don't worry, we've got you covered. The fees for parents (also siblings or other non-students) is 5 euros. Fees for Nanobiology students is 3 euros.
The billing details are the following:
NL02 INGB 0006745946
T.n.v. S.V.N.B. Hooke
BIC number: INGBNL2A
With a message: “Ouderdag 2016, *Total number of people who will come (including student him/herself)*, *name student*"

We hope to see you all present at this unforgettable event!
Kind regards,

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