Library Design Studio Course Application
Please provide information about the course you would like to teach in the Creativity, Innovation, and Design Studio. These courses should be interdisciplinary and include a design-oriented, experiential learning pedagogy. Courses are expected to integrate library personnel and resources. Courses should engage students in learning to solve problems that matter. If you have any questions, email Rick West or Derek Hansen at
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What is your name? *
What is the name of the course or activity?
What semester would you like to use the space?
What days/times would you like to use the space?
Who will be teaching? List any instructors and their subject areas/department, including yourself.
What majors/minors will enrolled students be coming from?
Explain how this course will utilize a design or innovation process, such as design thinking in one of its varieties, to facilitate student learning.
Classes taught in the CID Studio are successful when they integrate library resources and personnel into the course design and experience. Describe your ideas for integrating library personnel and resources in both planning and executing the learning experiences in this course.
The Creativity, Innovation, and Design Studio in the library is a unique place for working on problems of particular importance to society. Can you describe how your project will attempt to solve social problems or concerns? This could include areas of community development, education, personal well being, or other social issues.
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