MPCC SWOT Survey 2019
Please list what you believe to be our Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats here at Mt. Pulaski Christian Church. Follow the prompts and if you have any questions, please contact Mark Weber at
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What are the Strengths of MPCC?
What are we doing well? What makes MPCC stand out? What is this church good at?
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What are the Weaknesses of MPCC?
What are some of the areas where we need to improve? What aspects of ministry does this church struggle with or ignoring all together?
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What are the Opportunities of MPCC?
What ministry possibilities are before us? What can this church do that is unique to our setting or gifting? What do you see on the horizon for MPCC?
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What are the Threats to MPCC?
What are some possible dangers or pitfalls we need to avoid in the future? What obstacles stand in the way of MPCC as we seek to carry out our mission?
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Please include any additional comments below:
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