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The Khyber Member Shop is a non commercial small storefront located at 1880 Hollis St. which carries original artworks, craft, publications, music, fashion and misc. items for sale by the artists.

Space for selling items is available to Khyber Members, which you can become through signing-up online ( or in person! This is not a commercial space, however you can choose to make a donation to the Khyber when your items are sold or at any time.

Items should be small and limited in number. Although we will take all possible precautions, the Khyber is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items and cannot offer compensation should something to that effect occur. If items do not sell within 6 months, they will be returned to the artists.

Apply by filling out the following information and we will be in touch soon if your work is selected and space is available.

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Contact: | 902.817.6620

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