Customer Service Skills Assessment for Leadership and Human Resources
Good service in the public sector requires strong customer service skills, specific personal values and characteristics, and the ability to meet customer challenges. Our goal, at ImageWorks, is to work with clients to help them achieve optimal customer engagement and satisfaction.

This assessment will allow you to rate your employees in each of these areas. Remember the questions apply to both external and internal customers and may exist in varying proportions depending on the job function, unit, or department.

Consider each statement below and indicate the extent to which you feel it applies to at least 95% of your employees using the scale given. Select your response by clicking on the circle. When you have completed the assessment exercise, you will be asked to print this page to evaluate your response. If less than 95% of your employees score less than strong, we would like to discuss a customer service system program with you.

Strong= This describes me all or most of the time
Moderate= This describes me part or some of the time
Improvement Opportunity= This describes me very little or not at all
N/A= Not applicable to me at this time

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