2020 Una Morgan Harp Competition Entry Form
The Harp Society of Queensland invites you to participate in our annual Una Morgan Competition for 2020.
Entry deadline for this form is the 1st of October, 2020.

Please complete one form per entrant and per category you are entering.

The adjudicator for this year will be Janine Grantham.

The competition will be held at 2pm on the 1st November at the Carina Senior Citizen's Club Hall, located at:

Cnr Sankey and Edmond Streets
Carina, QLD 4152.

We request that contestants arrive by 1:30pm in order to set up & tune. A copy of your music is to be provided to the adjudicator before 2pm on the day of the competition.

We also invite students to participate at the Student Performance Practice Day, which will be held on the 11th of October 2020 from 12pm noon.
Competition Categories and Rules
Entry fees for all categories are $15, and are payable for each category that you will be entering. The entry fee(s) and application form(s) are due by the 1st of October 2020.

This year we are having a special Halloween themed category!

All Junior solo categories require 2 contrasting pieces with no repeats through the pieces. Please note exception to this - Halloween special category is one piece only, solo or in combo:

Solo Harp-Junior category - Preliminary – Grade 1- Each piece max 1 minute, in total for both max 2 minutes - Prize $25

Solo Harp-Junior category - Grade 2-3 - Each piece max 2 minutes, in total for both max 4 minutes - Prize $30

Solo Harp-Junior category - Grade 4-5 - Each piece 3-5 minutes, in total for both max 10 minutes - Prize $50

Solo Harp-Junior category - Grade 6-7 - Each piece max 5 -6 minutes, in total for both max 12 mins total - Prize $75

Solo Harp-Junior category - Grade 8 and up - Each piece 5-8 mins each in total for both max 15 mins total - Prize $100

*all Junior category entrants must be under 18 years of age at November 1st. Entrants for the Student Grade 8 & beyond may be up to 30 years of age at the time of competition, but have to be either school students or tertiary students.

All Adult solo categories require only 1 piece:

Solo Harp-Adult Beginner (grade 1-3), max 2 minutes - Prize $30

Solo Harp-Adult Intermediate (grade 4-6 ), max 5 minutes - Prize $50

Solo Harp-Adult Advanced (grade 7 and over), max 8 minutes - Prize $100

Accompanying: Self-accompanied Harp + Voice – OR – Harp + another musician—i.e.
voice or instrument – OR – Ensemble (Must include at least 1 harp); only the harpist needs to be a HSQ member

Max 5 minutes - Prize $100

Special Halloween Category
This is a fun category that is open to ALL ages and standards, with an optional extra dress-up to fit the theme of your spooky piece (there is a dress prize separate from the playing of the piece prize).

Composition—a short piece for solo harp up to 5 minutes long to be performed on the day. An HSQ designated harpist will be available to perform your piece or you can have someone you know perform it.
Sheet music must be submitted with entry form to allow time for judging. This composition category is open to all - students and non-students, entrants do NOT need to be HSQ members.

All harpists that enter the Competition, except for the Composition category, must be members of HSQ. Other instrumentalists don’t need to be.
Application available on HSQ website - https://www.harpsocietyqld.org.au/membership.
Age is as on the day of the competition.

All prizes will be awarded at the full discretion of the adjudicator. The adjudicator's decisions are final and no further discussion will be entered into.
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