REMership Form
This form can be as long or as short as you'd like it to be. If you just want to sign up it can be fairly short. If you would like to learn more about REM-- how it works, history, structure and the teams of REM-- there will be opportunities to do so. You may also choose to state an interest but choose to explore them later. This form belongs to you and you will be able to revisit to make changes at any time for many years to come.
Welcome to REM! We invite you to open new doors to your community.
So what does it mean to be a REMer?
It's basically simple, a REMer:
* Believes in REM's work in our community.

* Wants to know what's happening in our community so they can be involved when they choose to do so. REM sends info about REM activities (REMnews) and REM Partner news (weekly REMnet Blast.)

* Provides updated contact information when there is a change and when they re-up.

* Considers annual membership renewal with a gift to the REM Fund...anything from a "penny for your thoughts" to "infinity and beyond!" As REM is a 501(c)(3) organization your membership gift is tax deductible.

* Annually receives an email invitation to re-up. (Which gets us back to knowing who we are and staying connected to each other!)

Benefits of being a REMer:

* Receive weekly REMnet email blast about REM Partner news/events.

* Use of space and office support for REM related activities (including copying, press releases, applying for grants, event planning.)

* REM-related fundraising comes under the 501(c)(3) umbrella of REM.

* Develop consensus-building skills and many wonderful new friends!
Come join us! We need you! There are new ideas, new friends, new community building experiences that we hope you'll come to feel you need as well. Each person participates according to their passions and interests and will connect in their own way.
Please encourage every member of your family to create their own membership by having them fill out this form separately. Connecting children to community is very powerful for their futures.
A way for us to establish your unique REM identity is to use a REMerID. We use simple numbers. We will send you your ID in an email following your submission of this form. Please memorize your REMerID and use it with your name when a unique identity is required e.g. tracking volunteer hours, making a donation, registering for events, and renting REM spaces.
You don't actually have to fill this in. If all goes well and we're doing this right, it will automatically fill in on the spreadsheet created from this document and assign your REMerID.. You should receive an email telling you your REMerID and next time you update this form your REMerID will be displayed here.
FirstName *
What is your first name?
LastName *
What is your last name?
What is your street address and/or PO Box number if you have one?
In what city or town do you live?
In what state do you live?
What is your zip code?
To what email address do you want REM communications sent? IF YOU DO NOT HAVE EMAIL PLEASE CONTACT OUR OFFICE AND WE WILL BE GLAD TO HELP YOU JOIN REM. 207-873-4444.
What is the primary phone number you'd like us to use. ex: 207-873-4444
What is the type of your primary phone number?
Clear selection
What is the secondary number you'd like us to use? ex: 207-873-4444
What is the type of your secondary phone number?
Clear selection
The Team Builders Team would love to meet you and orient you to REM. That can be done at a private meeting or as part of a group meeting with other REMers seeking more information. Would you rather have a private meeting or a group meeting at REM? You are certainly welcome to have both and if you are unable to travel, you can attend a group or private remote meeting from your home using Skype or Facetime. Check all that apply.
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