Registration Form Haworth-Scarborough Virtual Reunion Day
Saturday, June 19th
1:00 PM - 5 PM Eastern Daylight Time
11:30-12:00 Zoom Training and Guidelines Review

12:30-1:00 Open socializing (for those who arrive early)

1:00 Welcome

1:15 Family History 1: George “the Immigrant:” England to America

1:45 Break

2:00 Family History 2: George and Sarah in Bucks County

2:30 Break

2:45 Haworth Association Projects
1. Haworth-Scarborough Reunions
2. Haworth-Howarth yDNA Surname Project

3:15 Break. Bring lunch or afternoon coffee to next session

3:30 Which of George and Sarah's children are you descended from?
Social Groups by Ancestor with sharing food together

4:00 Q & A

4:30 Closing

4:45-5:15 Open socializing (for those who want to linger)

All times are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)
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Information from Haworth/Hayworth and Scarborough Descendants
In order to help us answer some of your questions and to look at groups by ancestor please fill in the following. Include only those in your direct Haworth/Hayworth and/or Scarborough line, no spouses. If you have two lines from George and/or Sarah add both names to the same line, separated by a comma. If you don't know your line all the way to George or Sarah fill in what you know. We have started your list with George Haworth the Immigrant and Sarah. After each name hit enter/return to go to the next line.
George Haworth the Immigrant and Sarah Scarborough
As the committee puts the finishing touches on our time together, we want to also help and inform you. If you have any questions you would like the committee to try and answer, please include them here or email them to
There is no expectation of privacy with any of your responses. Information may be shared with the Haworth Association and participants during the Zoom Reunion.
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