Should brands/companies be political?
Hello, Warhawks! Nike's recent ad campaign has sparked an intense debate over the role of politics in business and advertising. Please let The Hawk Talk know about your thoughts regarding companies and their political affiliations. All responses to this form are anonymous, unless you would like to provide your name below. All short answer questions are optional. Thank you!!
Have you heard about the Nike controversy? *
If so, do you support Nike’s decision to feature Colin Kaepernick, former NFL player, in the advertisement? *
Do you think brands, like Nike and Ben & Jerry’s, should make political statements? *
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Would you consider boycotting (not purchasing a company’s products) if they promoted a political ideology you did not agree with? *
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Is there a difference between advocating against an issue (ex. Climate change, police brutality) and supporting a specific political party or candidate (ex. Democratic party or the Republican nominee)? *
Is there a difference between a small, locally owned business and a national chain or corporation expressing their political or social beliefs? *
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