2021-2022 Student Conduct Agreement
Music is a discipline, and a mistress of order and good manners; she makes the people milder and gentler, more moral and more reasonable." Martin Luther

The success of the Arlington High School Marching Band is dependent upon the dedication, attendance, and appropriate behavior of all members of the group. Absences and tardiness from rehearsals have a significant effect on the band's ability to move ahead, as do negative or inappropriate behaviors. When you wear the uniform of the Tiger Band, you are identified as a representative of the band, of the school, and of the community. Even when not performing, your role as an ambassador continues. As such, all members of the Tiger Band will be held to high behavior standards. The minimum expectations of appropriate behavior can be found in the Tiger Band Handbook and the Arlington HS Student Handbook.

There will be immediate consequences for not following the Code of Conduct and continued offenses can result in the student being suspended from the next marching performance, being referred to the school for appropriate school penalties, and dismissal from the band program. The following guidelines will apply:

- Insubordination will not be tolerated. Band members are expected to follow the instructions of the directors, band staff, and any students in leadership positions (field commanders, section leaders, etc.)
- Band members are expected to use appropriate language at all times. Swear words, inappropriate discussions, or rude comments to other students are unacceptable while representing the band.
- All students are required to attend ALL practices, rehearsals, sectionals, games, competitions, events, and activities. The band directors must approve any absence, late arrival, or early dismissal at least two weeks in advance. The only exceptions to this policy are illness, death in the family, or other family emergency. The band directors have final discretion as to whether a particular family emergency is a justifiable reason for an absence, late arrival, or early dismissal. Unexcused tardiness or absences not only impact the individual, but also prohibit the band in general from functioning properly at rehearsal. There is too much vested effort, time, and money involved in this activity for individuals to be unaccountable for absences. Either an alternate will automatically be inserted in a slot where an absent member is missing or the spot will be removed from the drill.
- Eating and drinking are permitted only during designated times while in uniform.
- Use or possession of tobacco products, alcoholic behaviors, and/ or narcotics is strictly prohibited. Students violating this policy will be reported to the proper authorities where they will face legal consequences in addition to school and band penalties.
- Body language and gestures must be appropriate at all times. Students must refrain from inappropriate gestures, excessive displays of public affection, etc. while representing the band.
- Bullying, harassment, or fighting of any sort is unacceptable.
- Students must be in eye-shot and ear-shot of a supervising adult at all times. In the event a students needs to separate from the main band (bathroom, medical, etc.) they must be accompanied.

This list is not comprehensive and represents on the key items. In addition to the consequences listed above, students in violation of the code of conduct will be subject to appropriate school penalties (as listed in the student handbook.) Depending on the severity and/ or repetition of the violations, the director reserves the right to remove any student from the band. Any offense that would result in an out of school suspension (OSS), committed while attending a band event or practice, will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the band.

At the discretion of the directors, a student that has been removed from the band for any reason may not be permitted to join other extracurricular music ensembles. The student may apply for readmission at the beginning of the next marching season. Readmission is at the discretion of the band directors.
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