Feminist Research Network Lunch Talk: 3 Things about the F-Word 
FRN Lunch Talk: 3 Things about the F-Word 
Reclaiming the F-word in Academic Research

When: 10 Sept 2018 1230pm to 130pm
Where: LHA Research Hub (19.2072)

The F-word – F for Feminism(s) – is both everywhere and nowhere. From Beyoncé to Camp Cope, from #metoo to parliamentary debates on ‘proper’ sexual conduct in the Australian government, gender and sexual politics permeate much of today’s popular and political culture. In academia these may be framed as feminist questions or problems, while other researchers or policy makers may shy away from using the ‘killjoy’ F-word (see Sara Ahmed on this) to discuss issues of gender, sexual conduct, equality or inclusion.

We take this context as our starting point and in this session we ask: what are the challenges and possibilities for academics and researchers in using the F-word for research?

Join us to hear Dr Scarlet Wilcock, Dr Jordan Mckenzie and Dr Ika Willis as they reflect on their experiences undertaking feminist (inspired) research and navigating the academic environment in the past, present and foreseeable future.
The talk is aimed at HDRs and ECRs grappling with those questions and interested in using feminist ideas and language in their academic work.  

Please RSVP by 6 September if you would like to attend.

For more information, please contact Kai at krs354@uowmail.edu.au
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