Healthy School Lunches - Dietary Requirements
Kia ora everyone,
We are so lucky to be part of the Healthy School Lunches Programme which provides free lunches to all of our students. We are hoping to have the Healthy School Lunches Programme operating next term. All children will be given a lunch (unless you choose to opt out of the programme), however you will still need to supply brain snack and morning tea. At this stage our intended suppliers are Pita Pit, Subway and Libelle, although they are still to be confirmed. They will provide lunches on different days of the week and more details will be sent home when they are finalised.

It is really important that we gather the special dietary requirements of students. Even if your child does not have any dietary requirements, we still need for this form to be filled out for all students.

Please complete the form below for each child in your family. We would like it completed by Monday 22 March please.

Special dietary requirements come under the following categories and do not extend to food preferences, fussy eating, or non-medical aversions to particular foods:
• Ethical special diets (e.g. vegetarian, vegan)
• Religious special diets (e.g. halal meats, no pork, vegetarian)
• Allergies (e.g. peanut allergy, dairy allergy, gluten allergy) and additional information about severity of reaction
• Intolerances (e.g. lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance) and additional information about severity of reaction
• Other medically prescribed diets (e.g. liquid only or dysphagia diets for children at risk of aspiration, where food particles accidentally enter the lungs)

If you would like to discuss anything please contact Cheryl on 027 321 8022.
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