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K9SF, LLC Minneapolis Office
K9SF Minneapolis
1 Groveland Terrace, Suite 104, Minneapolis, MN 55403
(202) 888-K9SF
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Downtown Dogs
821 2nd Avenue North, Minneapolis MN 55405
(612) 374-DOGS
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Dog Training Packages
We offer free in-office initial consultations. Excluding group classes, our in-office and at-home sessions are private 1 hour one-on-one training sessions between you (and your family), your dog, and a K9SF trainer(s). Board & Train and Day Training are two hour sessions with pickup and drop off from Downtown Dogs. All services also include a custom personalized training plan, phone and email consulting from trainers with years of experience, a K9SF goodie bag, and more.

Dog Consulting/Assessment - One 90min session - $125 (In-Office) & $150 (At-Home*)
Meet with a professional K9SF trainer(s) at our office or we will come to your location to provide a dog assessment, quick basic instruction, and advisement for clients with dog related questions.
Great for: New Puppy, New Dog, Electric Dog Fence Training, Ecollar instruction, New Dog to Pack Integration, and Other Specific Dog Concerns.

Basic Obedience Course - Four Private 1 Hour Sessions - $400 (In-Office) or $500 (At-Home*)
Our basic obedience course is great for when you are looking to start your dog off right with basic commands and better behavior. Your dog will learn a basic commands (such as Sit, Down, Stay (low distraction), Heel (on leash), Leave It, & No) and we will also correct any basic negative behaviors.
Great for clients looking to instill basic commands and learn basic dog handling techniques.

Obedience & Behavior Modification Course - Six Private 1 Hour Sessions - $750 (In-Office or At-Home*)
We will help correct your dog's negative behaviors at the source, while provide tips on how to keep the behavior from reoccurring. Such as: aggressive towards dogs or humans, leash pulling, chewing, greeting new visitors, jumping, etc.

Mix & Match Package - 8 Sessions - $1000 - (In-office, At-Home*, Board and Train, and/or Day Training)
This package give you the choice of 8 sessions to mix-and-match as your dog advances in training and accommodates to your busy schedule. We will provide training and instruction on obedience and negative behavior correction at the source of the issues. Great for clients with dogs with different behavioral problems, dogs needing varying training environments, and clients who want flexibility in training.

Zero to Hero Training Package - 12 Sessions - $1500 - (In-office, At-Home*, Board and Train, and Day Training)
We take your puppy/dog with zero training and transform them into a well trained obedient hero dog! This package includes 12 sessions of your choice that you pick and changes as your dog advances in training and helps to accommodate your busy schedule.

Advanced/Specialized Training - 16 Sessions - $2000 - (In-office, At-Home*, Board and Train, and Day Training)
Basic to advanced obedience training and prep work for emotional support dogs, service dogs, working dogs, and canine good citizen. Includes obedience, behavior modification, advanced exposure to distractions, and specialized skills training. This package is for client who want: a dog trained to advanced obedience level, identify and correct extreme behavioral problems, want to pass the canine good citizen certification.

*Prices are based upon a typical client's average quote within a 20 mile service area for one dog. Every dog and situation is different, your particular training plan may require more or less time. Additional # of dogs, sessions, personnel, equipment, distance, or etc are not included will be an additional fee over the listed price. Prices may change without notice.*

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We want only healthy, happy dogs!
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