Volunteer Registration
SGV Pride Festival
October 12th, 2019; 12 noon--9pm
Pasadena Central Park
275 S Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105
Volunteer contact: Free Ramos free@sgvpride.org
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Volunteer Duty Descriptions
AUTHOR'S TENT -- Assist & Support the Author's Tent as a general monitor & overseer of the activity. (1 position; 2 shifts)

BEER GARDEN -- In charge of the entry to the Beer Garden, checking for wristbands, and ensuring no alcohol leaves the area. (2 positions; 3 shifts)

ART EXPERIENCE: THE BIG DRAW -- Responsible for maintaining and running The Big Draw event, "Category Is... LOVE!"; assisting guests with their art pieces, and contributions to this group art project, collecting the completed pieces and mounting them on the project canvas. (2 positions; 2 shifts)

ART EXPERIENCE: ART BAZAAR -- Assisting viewers & potential buyers in the sales area of the art experience, where we're selling pieces from previous Big Draw events. (2 positions; 2 shifts)

FESTIVAL SET UP & DECOR -- Responsible for the set up of the festival, including, but not limited to, the set up of festival props & decorations. (no limit on positions; shift is 9am-12 noon)

FESTIVAL TAKE DOWN -- Responsible for the break down of festival, including, but not limited to, breakdown of festival props & decorations. (no limit on positions; shift is 8pm-11pm)

ENTERTAINMENT: STAGE HANDS -- responsible for set up and striking of Mics, props, and any other stage equipment needed for the performing acts. (2 positions; 3 shifts)

ENTERTAINMENT: STAGE MONITOR -- Responsible for the stage entrance; ensuring only authorised persons enter the backstage area. (1 position; 3 shifts)

GSA CARNIVAL -- Acts as support for the GSA Carnival team, providing assistance where needed. (2 positions; 2 shifts)

SAFETY MONITORS -- Monitors the festival grounds, and oversees the general attendees, answering questions, providing guest assistance and reporting issues or incidents.

SENIOR LOUNGE -- Acts as additional assistance for the operators of the Senior Lounge. (2 positions; 2 shifts)

Volunteer duties are assigned on a first come, first served basis, so please indicate your 1st, 2nd & 3rd choice preferences of areas you'd like to work below, as well as your preferred shift times. Shifts are generally 3.5 or 4 hours each.

Please indicate In the “Additional Notes” area if you have a preference to with any other people who are also applying to volunteer. They do need to apply for the same time slots and areas you are too. if you have any restrictions of Activities or capabilities we need to be aware of, or of any special skills or abilities you’d like to offer. Also let us know if you’d like to volunteer for more than one shift.
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