The Stories of Us Resources: Feedback + Next Steps
Thank you for taking the time to check out one or both of The Stories of Us (SoU) resources, including our online library of stories for newcomers by newcomers, and our story-writing curriculum. The most impactful aspects of SoU so far have been borne of being responsive to the needs and experiences of newcomers and ESL educators like yourselves, and we would like to ask for your input to shape how we design the next phase of this project.

The following is a brief survey to help us understand your experience of the resources thus far (even if that means you haven’t had a chance to actually use them yet) as well as what additional improvements, resources, and supports would be most helpful for you. If you would prefer to connect via phone or Zoom, we're happy to set up a brief chat to connect. Please reach out to our Program Manager, Mathura Mahendren at to schedule a time to connect.

Insights from the survey and chats will inform a shareback event in Spring 2021, where we will co-design future directions for this program.

***CLARIFICATION: When we say Library, we’re referring to the storybooks on this site (, and when we say Curriculum, we are referring to the content on this site (

***NOTE: These resources have been intentionally designed to be implemented with a Canadian ESL / LINC learning environment. If you are accessing these resources as a newcomer or educator living / working outside of Canada, you may find that they may not be relevant to you in the same way.
To what extent have you engaged with The Stories of Us resources? Check all that apply:
What value do you think The Stories of Us resources bring to your classroom / teaching?
If you've accessed The Stories of Us resources, what improvements can be made to make it more useful for you? If you haven’t yet accessed or implemented the resources, how might we make them more accessible for you?
Which, if any, of the following offerings would be useful for you? Check your top 5.
If you had to pick only ONE of the offerings you checked off above, which one would you pick, and why? Your responses will help us demonstrate to our funders that our programming decisions are rooted in feedback from service providers, and will help justify shifts in resource allocation where necessary. *
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