CSA - Communication skills assessment for managers and leaders
This assessment is designed to give you a baseline, an understanding of where your skills are now so you can see the areas that you wish to improve. Answer the questions honestly, from where you sit most of the time, not where you would like to be.
Communication skills can be learned, refined, improved - and are key to influential and successful leadership.

There is a separate one for professionals that would provide insight into where your team members sit, if we were to work with you as a team, we would require each team member to complete this assessment so we can get a complete picture.

When communication skills are improved, you will be better able to mobilise teams, engage your people and drive projects through to better results with more ease, less stress and better retention of good talent.

Once you have answered the questions below, we can book in a time to have a chat about the results and look at ideas and strategies for improving, building one what you have to where you want to be.
I look forward to chatting to you soon about your results
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