SCCS Community Survey (T1 2020)
This questionnaire helps us at SCCS to know more about the technology that you have available outside of our school environment. It should only take 2-3 minutes to complete.

Thank you, Gareth Duncan (Principal) & Karyn Rastrick (BOT Chairperson)
Email address *
First name? *
Last name? *
Who is the most reliable point of contact in the event of needing to contact you urgently about your child/children? *
Mobile number for the contact named above. *
Relationship to your child/children? *
Do you have the internet at home? *
What technological devices do you have at home? *
How many devices do you have? *
How many people in your family would be sharing a single device? Please explain - i.e. 2 adults for work and 3 children. *
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