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An engineering competition to take your skills beyond the classroom and showcase your creativity, ethical scalability, solution performance and so much more!
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January 16th, 2020 (10am EST start) and January 17th, 2020

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Event descriptions

Engineering communication: describe to the public a technical engineering problem and present it in a way that is readily understood by the public. (teams of 2)

Innovation: competitors bring in independent projects that have been developed outside the competition either individually or in teams. (teams of 2-6)

Junior design: an opportunity for first and second years to design a solution to a real-world problem start to finish. (teams of 4)

Senior design: an opportunity for upper years to design a solution to a real-world problem start to finish. (teams of 4)

Programming: competitors will develop industry-quality software to solve a given engineering problem. (teams of 4)

Consulting: given a real-world engineering problem, competitors design a detailed theoretical solution to be proposed to the client. (teams of 4)

Debate: develop a convincing and coherent argument to an assigned resolution in a Parliamentary style debate. (teams of 4)

Re-engineering: re-design an existing engineering processor product in a new and creative way. (teams of 2)
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