Wholehearted Living
The 7 plants that need to be nourished for creating a garden of integrated & grounded Life.
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How fulfilling and deeply loving are your most intimate relationships ? *
Conflicted- Avoidance of difficult conversations
Deep Love- Willing to meet the pain together
How healthy is your relationship with your Body (how healthy are you physically?) *
Exhaustion, Medication, some acute health challenge
Fully alive, great vitality, and Self care
How conscious & spac is your relationship with time? *
Very busy, No space for rest & Leisure
Adequate time in the day and week to rest and even do nothing, Spacious Productivity..
How much of your work and life is an expression of your heartsong, Ikigai, unique Genius? *
Not at all. A lot of my work seems to be not in service of my real god-given gifts
Living in my genius. Expressing the fullest potential I was born to express.
How integrated is your Work and Home? *
They seem fragmented and divided. Competing with each other
There is a harmony and flow from one to other and both complement and synergise.
How conscious is your relationship with Money -what is the extent of financial freedom that you feel? *
Sense of scarcity, disorganised, no clarity of how much I need to be fulfilled- chasing money
A sense of Abundance & enoughness- Seeing money as a Resource that is being spent & saved aligned to deepest values
How deeply do you find yourself rooted in love, freedom, truth and leading an awake, undivided and integrated life - one with all that is? *
Having responded to these 7 areas of Wholehearted Living, what is the one top insight that needs your attention? Any other inisght(s) or next natural baby step? *
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