Registration for Dream Beyond Limits 2021
Event Timing: September, 2021
Event Address: Abuja and Lagos Nigeria
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How many of the institution's pupils/students are in need of school uniforms? *
Are you able to provide proof of eligibility for pupils/ students upon request? For example, students' existing uniforms must be in a bad condition, experiencing ridicule, risk of victimization, child labour or child bride imminent due to lack of funds to provide new uniforms. *
Are you able to provide names, contact details and pictures /videos of students upon request? *
How did you hear about this event? *
I understand that this project is targeted at underserved students whose parents/guardians are unable to provide school uniforms for the academic session. I confirm that all information provided are accurate. I accept to be held liable if an investigation proves otherwise. *
Thank you for your registration of Dream Beyond Limits 2021. Please let us know if you have any question, comments or concerns *
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