“The Day the Worms Moved In” Quiz
Directions: Read the story “The Day the Worms Moved In” in the October/November 2019 issue of Storyworks. Then fill in the bubble next to the best answer for each question below. Make sure you enter your email address at the top of the quiz. When you are finished taking the quiz, click "SUBMIT" to send your answers to your teacher.
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1. Who is Billy Peppercorn?
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2. In the phrase “I ended up with a severe worm phobia,” phobia means ______.
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3. In the story, the phrase “My mind turns to trickery” means that Maddie is thinking of ways to:
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4. Why does Maddie try to eat all the food on her plate after the worms arrive?
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5. The worms end up on the floor in the garage because they:
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6. At the end of the story, why does Maddie feel proud of herself?
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7. In the phrase “hundreds of worms writhing around under the composting bin and across the floor,” writhing means ______.
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Constructed Response
Directions: Write your answer to each question in a well-organized response.
Make sure you support your answers with details from the story.
8. Describe Maddie using a character trait. Then, give one piece of evidence to support that trait.Write in complete sentences. TTQA (Turn the question around/restate). DO NOT CHOOSE PROUD.
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