Hiring Candidates Using AutoProctor
Hello there! We are building a tool to make it easier for you to hire candidates using AutoProctor. By giving us feedback, you will shape the tool to suit your requirements. The more specific your feedback is, the better our product will be. So, please don't hesitate to tell us exactly what works and what doesn't!
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Were you using Google Forms for assessing candidates even before AutoProctor? *
Do you use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to track your applicants? *
Which departments do you mostly interview for? *
Most assessment tools for HR recruitment require you to find the candidates yourself, and then give them a test. What if we did something more? What if we could recommend candidates to you, based on the roles you were looking for. How useful would you find this feature? *
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How much do you miss coding (programming) types of questions on Google Forms? *
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Let's say we built a system that made it easier to know the status of your candidates. (Shortlisted, Rejected, etc.) How useful would that be for you? *
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How about a feature where the candidates upload their CVs, contact information, etc? Would that be useful for you? *
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If we built a tool with all the features mentioned above, how much would you be willing to pay to use the tool? (All of us want tools for free :) But, building and maintaining software costs money. So, please give us an honest answer here.) Enter a number in US Dollars. This is the amount you would be willing to pay per job vacancy *
Any other feedback? We really want to make it easier for you to use AutoProctor to hire candidates. If you have something detailed, you can email us at hello@autoproctor.co Or, you can just leave some feedback here.
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