Deep Space 2020 Application Form
Before applying, we encourage you to read about Deep Space and our aims and focus:

This year, we will be organising two trials and we expect trialists to attend both sessions. If you cannot make either of them, please, make a note in the form below. There is a trials fee to cover pitch hire. If cost is a barrier, please indicate below.

Where: Sunday 9 February 12-3pm and Sunday 16 February 12-3pm
Location: Harris Academy Bermondsey (SE16 3TZ)
Cost: Trials will cost £10 per person per session

Please note: In accordance with GDPR, your information will not be used for anything other than uses restricted to the trial process and will be deleted after the trial and selection process has been concluded.
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Please comment in 'other' if you cannot attend one or both of the sessions but would still like to be considered
Please indicate if you would like to request financial assistance with the trials fees
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What are your goals for the 2020 season as a player?
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Are you trialling or playing for any other clubs or national teams? *
Please list all teams you're applying or playing for so we have more information for our selection process regarding waiting for/holding up decisions from other clubs. Note: We will be planning our season structure with knowledge of the training schedules of GB programmes, and will attempt to avoid clashes whenever possible.
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Are there any additional points you would like us to consider with your application?
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It is going to be a long season so, please, consider your availability and let us know upfront if you have any concerns. We are aiming at having a squad selected and starting training in March.

We will be sending out our training schedule/calendar and will be asking all triallists for their availability up front, so please consider your availability carefully.

These are our projected tournament dates (subject to change):
March 28-29: Mixed Tour 1
April 25-26: Mixed Tour 2
May 16-17: Mixed Tour 3 (TBD)
May-July: an international tournament (TBD)
Aug 1-2: Regionals
Aug 29-30: Nationals
Oct 2-4: EUCF 2020 (provided qualification)

After a successful run at EUCF2019, we are aiming to qualify again for EUCF2020. Meanwhile, please, stay healthy, enjoy the off-season and apply!
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