UNAGB Summer Institute in Global Leadership Scholarship Application: Step 1 (of 5)
Welcome to the scholarship application for UNAGB's Summer Institute in Global Leadership. There are five parts to this application. Please make sure to carefully answer each question. Incomplete applications will not be considered for a scholarship.

- Scholarships are limited. Please only accept a scholarship if you are able to attend the entire program. If you accept a scholarship and do not attend the program in full, you will not be eligible to apply for future UNAGB scholarships.
- Scholarships are for program participation and do not include transportation or lunch.

Eligibility requirements:
- The student must be a resident of the Greater Boston area
- Student must submit a complete scholarship application

What to expect:
Step 1: Questionnaire (to be completed by the student)
Step 2: Registration Details (to be completed by the student and/or parent/guardian)
Step 3: Essay question (to be completed by the student)
Step 4: Letter of recommendation reminder (letter of recommendation should be written by a teacher)
Step 5: Electronic Signature (to be completed by the student)

Round One: Applications submitted on or before February 28 will be notified of our decision by March 15.
Round Two: Applications submitted between March 1 and May 17 will be notified of our decision by May 31.
All applications must be submitted before May 17 to be considered for the 2019 Summer Institute in Global Leadership.

Want to preview the questions beforehand? Copy and paste the following web address into your web browser:

If you have any questions, please reach out to Lynn Arsenault, Marketing and Communications Manager, at lynn.arsenault@unagb.org or (617) 482-4587.


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